Say Hola to the Jalapeno Grill in Gulfport

Say Hola to the Jalapeno Grill in Gulfport

My family loves a variety of different foods, especially those originating in cultures other than our own. We enjoy the different methods of preparing the food, the unique blend of spices and the authentic presentation.

If you’re looking for a Mississippi Gulf Coast restaurant to immerse in authentic Mexican cuisine, Jalapeno Grill is a wonderful and tasty option to consider.

Located at 5 Pass Road in Gulfport, the restaurant is tucked along a busy street next to several other restaurants. There’s limited parking, but on a Sunday afternoon when we visited, we had no troubling finding a great spot.

The restaurant has a dizzying selection of options to choose from so I opted for an appetizer sampler. It included nachos with grilled chicken, steak and vegetables, served with a cheese quesadilla, chicken flauta, cheese dip, lettuce, tomatoes, and sour cream. I made a dent in it, but the portion is so large, most of it had to be taken as carryout. My suggestion is definitely ordering this generous dish for two people to share.

My husband – the carnivore – opted for a grilled steak and onions dish served with a side of delicate rice.

Our food was served piping hot, the server was attentive and kept our glasses full, even though they were full of customers. Plus, we were treated to a guest at a nearby table celebrating her birthday with a song, sombrero and a massive drink.

Although there is a friendly family vide to the Jalapeno Grill, it was also a place were couples plopped down to enjoy drinks along with fresh cilantro-seasoned salsa and tortilla chips.

Definitely add the Jalapeno Grill Mexican Restaurant to your plans when dining out along the MS Gulf Coast. We absolutely loved it.